Getting to Know Us - Arleen, Production

Employee Spotlight – Arleen

Mountain Madness Soap opened its first brick and mortar store in 2014. It was in downtown Coeur d'Alene on Fourth street, near the lake. Those days were a beginning, a birth of many exciting things to come. When we look back on it now, we realize it was a time of learning. We only had three employees, it was a small group, so every endeavor was an ‘all hands-on deck’ situation. Arleen was one of our very first employees. She was the entire customer service department; she was the OG shop girl. Arleen has a warm smile and kind words for everyone she meets. Our customers and her fellow employees adore her. There was a time when Arleen left us because she moved to Spokane. We would meet for lunch and stay connected the way good friends do. After what felt like too long, she decided to come back to work with us, it was like finding a missing puzzle piece. These days Arleen is the labeling department. She also wins the award for being Mountain Madness Soap's most passionate fan. It doesn’t matter if she’s working for us or not, she’s a walking, talking billboard for our products, our culture, and our staff. Her swooning is sincere and endearing. We chose Arleen as the spotlight employee for July not only because she’s amazing, but today is also her birthday! Help us in wishing Arleen a beautiful birthday and year filled with laughter and love.

 How long have you been at MMS and what is your position here? 

I started with MMS in March of 2016 as a store associate at the little shop around the corner on 4th and was promoted to the Store Manager on Sherman Spring of 2017.  I left employment at MMS in Spring of 2018, yet my commitment and love for MMS and all the incredible humans and products never wavered, and I was blessed to return as a Label/Packager December 2021. 

What is your favorite color?


What’s the best part about being a MMS team member? 

We are able to be 100% ourselves and each of us strives to be a good human. 

When do you feel most free? 

When I release my grip on a belief/thought and open myself up to an alternative point of view. 

Sometimes ‘it’s the little things’ – what’s one little thing about MMS you love? 

The beautiful, kind humans that I am fortunate to work for and with as we produce outstanding products for our customers. 

What do you dream about? 

A World where humans are kind and respectful to one another despite their differences. 

What skills do feel you most often use at work? 

Attention to detail, inventory accuracy, and communication.

What is your superpower? 


What is your favorite part of the workday? 

Collaborating with my co-workers and the way I smell at the end of my shift. 

What’s your favorite flower and why? 

Lilacs – They are beautiful, smell amazing, and most importantly remind me of my mama. 

What color is your aura?


What are your hobbies?  

Spending time with my family/friends, cooking, hot bath bomb baths, and learning and expanding my way of thinking by exposing myself to others’ points of view, reading, listening to audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, and etc….  If we are open to learning and growing it is available to us EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING!