Getting to Know Us - Karissa, Fulfillment Manager

The primary driving force at Mountain Madness Soap CO. (MMSCO) is connecting with customers. Of course, our number one task is to make outstanding bath products and we take that job seriously. But once the products are made, we need to get those gems to you, our valued customers. Our products connect us to you, and we value that connection. We have a long view approach to our relationship with customers and aspire to create bonds that will stand the test of time.

One way we can connect is by introducing you to the rock stars (a.k.a. employees) that make all the magic happen. Karissa is the manager of our online and wholesale order fulfillment department. She has worked at MMSCO for only seven short months, but what an amazing asset she has quickly proven to be.

I sat down with Karissa recently and asked her a few questions:

How long have you worked for MMSCO and what is your job title? I have worked at Mountain Madness for seven months and my position is online /wholesale fulfillment manager.

What do you love most about working at MMSCO? I get to work with my best friend, and I always smell good.

Sometimes, ‘it’s the little things”– what is one little thing you love about MMSCO? Positive energy, there is always an upbeat vibe.

What is your favorite part of the workday? Receiving positive feedback from customers. We often get sweet cards and emails from customers letting us know how much they appreciate all we do. It feels good to know that what we do has a positive impact even though we do not have direct, face to face contact with customers. Complaining is easy, but when people take time to compliment us, it means so much.

What is your superpower? Ability to see the big picture and leadership. I seem to fall into the role of leader naturally.

What do you do when you are not at MMSCO? Hike, eat good food, shopping, gardening, adventures.

After managing a chain of fast-food restaurants for 18 years, Karissa took a brave leap and moved to MMSO. It was brave because it was a big change, and change can be hard. But Karissa met the challenge head on and focused her attention and skills in one place. Lucky for us, MMSCO is where she landed.

Nothing slips through the cracks when Karissa is on the job. She is detail oriented, follows through on her projects no matter how big or small, and works hard to be diplomatic and fair when it comes to managing her team.

Mountain Madness has multiple sales channels and Karissa oversees two of them, online sales, and wholesale order fulfillment. Karissa and her team work hard to carefully package every order so they arrive in excellent condition. Fulfilling orders is more than simply throwing items in a box and getting them out the door. Karissa consistently tries to find ways to keep costs down and quality up when it comes to packing materials and shipping fees. We also have many wholesale accounts throughout the United States - particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Those orders take hard work and supreme organization to fill and package correctly. Karissa works in tandem with our production manager to ensure that all the products we need are ready and on the shelf. Teamwork, organization, knowledge, and friendliness are the skills Karissa is best known for.

When you order online from us, you can be certain that Karissa and her team have worked hard to make sure your order is correct and packaged with care.