Getting to Know Us - Kami & Mike, Order Fulfillment

Employee Spotlight – Kami and Mike

If you have ever placed an order with our online store, you know how much care and attention goes into every package that leaves our warehouse. Spouses Kami and Mike are the heart of that thoughtful attention and customer service. They have been a part of our work family for over a year. Mike is eager to lend a hand and a smile to anyone who needs it, and Kami is the queen of all things packing and kindness. People are often surprised by how many daily orders we receive as well as the amount of wholesale customers we supply. It takes hard work and great organization to fulfill the daily demand for products. Kami and Mike are dedicated to ensuring that customer satisfaction is their top priority.


How did you get your job at MMS? 

I was offered a job when my department wanted to add someone to the order fulfillment team. I was hired based on my work ethic and enthusiasm for MMS products and company.

What is your favorite part of working for MMS?

I appreciate seeing everyone come through the door eager to say hello and good morning. Also watching what everyone is making in the production department is always fun and exciting.

Sometimes it’s the little things, what’s one little thing you love about MMS?

The little things often end up being bigger parts of your day or life as you look back. I really enjoy people and seeing how they engage and enjoy their jobs and hobbies, it’s a lot of fun to witness. 

Another little thing is when the seasons are changing, and we start production on new and seasonal products for the collection. As someone who has been a cushy for years, I still get excited when production shifts to a new collection. 

How do you collaborate at work?

I work with a tight knit group that are all unique and interesting. We all communicate differently and look at the day with different lenses, but the one thing that is consistent is that we are all open to shooting around new ideas and problem solving. In my department we collaborate on how to maximize our packing skills so that product is safe, but also looks good when it arrived for customers, without being wasteful. I think we’ve come a long way thanks to each other’s feedback. 

What skills do you use most often at work? 

Joy of people and empathy. Although order fulfillment customers are behind a laptop or phone screen, I want them to have the same joy of going to a store. I know how excited I get when I’m waiting for something in the mail, and I know everyone who orders is also excited. I like to make sure we thank everyone for their order and sign it with a name. Working in order fulfillment makes me appreciate ordering online even more. It is convenient, but there is a person who picks and packs my orders even if we don’t see them, and a mail carrier who gets it to our doorstep. It’s really an incredible feat that we don’t even think about!

What is your superpower? 

Sensitivity to other people’s thoughts and feelings. I feel everything very deeply. I don’t think I’ve ever had a small feeling. 

What is your favorite part of the workday? 

Meeting our customers! Recently we had the opportunity to meet a long-time customer who was visiting from out-of-town. She consistently orders staff appreciation gifts for her workplace from MMS and we are so grateful. She was excited to meet us, and the feeling was mutual. It was surreal, like meeting a celebrity to me. We have several regular online customers we have gotten to know. We have learned their names and get excited when they order. Meeting this customer in person and talking to her about the products and our lives was fascinating. It really brings home how small the world is. It was hard to end the visit, and she said, “I could talk with you guy’s forever!” The experience was a good reminder that we are all human and that something as simple as a bath bomb or bar of soap can change someone’s whole day. That was something I appreciated so much. 

What are your hobbies? 

I love shopping for vintage ceramic goodies, especially cat themed items. I also like to draw and create in my spare time. Within the last year I have been into house plants and am really enjoy learning each ones needs and watching them grow. 


How long have you been at MMS and what is your job title? 

About 1 year. I work in wholesale and order fulfillment and pick orders for online orders.

How did you get your job at MMS? 

I was originally hired as seasonal help in 2020 and was offered a permanent position shortly after that.

What is your favorite part of working for MMS?

Flexibility with my hours and being able to take time off when I need to.

What skills do you use most often at work? 

Organization and math.

What are your hobbies?

Collecting video games and Volvos, woodworking, and playing guitars.