Operations, Production & Fulfillment Moves!

While our store remains on Sherman Avenue in downtown Coeur d'Alene, we have officially moved our operations, production and order fulfillment departments to a new warehouse location off of Schreiber Way in Coeur d'Alene!

Over the past 20 years, growth has been a slow but steady constant for MMSCo. There have been leaps and bounds made since the early days of small town farm markets and craft fairs, however the thriving company we have today did not simply appear. It has taken substantial planning, organizing, dedication, and good ole elbow grease.

The first brick and mortar store we opened in 2014 was small and quaint. That 500 square fee of production space allowed us room to learn and create and the success we experienced there inspired growth. It became apparent we would need to move, and a building with retail store space plus a 2500 square foot basement for production nearby was available. The new location would nicely accommodate our expanding product lines and allow us to make a more comfortable space for our customers. It was an easy move because the new space was only a block away from the first small store. We lugged load after load down the street until we were finally settled. The additional space felt huge, as if we would never run out of room.

The growth we experience as a company has mostly been organic and it honestly sneaks up on us. We strive to meet expansion with gratitude, intelligence, and thoughtfulness but there have been challenges along the way. That space we thought we’d never outgrow was getting crowded. Like a swift moving river rushing towards a waterfall, more products require more raw goods, more containers, more labels, and more of everything we use to make the magic happen. As a result, we knew we needed to move our entire production facility. When we were smaller we had both production and retail under one roof. It made sense logistically and it also made issues like ordering and inventory more manageable. Growth requires change and thankfully we are comfortable with that. It was evident that in order to keep up with production demands we would need more space, so we quietly started to search.

When you go looking, you often find. The space we needed came quickly and before we knew it, we were packing boxes, hiring movers, and coordinating a total department relocation. Moving is always a challenge but thankfully we have a hardworking team that made it as painless as possible. Once all the stuff is relocated, then comes the task of settling in. Each new space takes modifications to accommodate the tools we need to make the magic happen. We have been in the new space for about two months now. The dust is starting to settle, and we are beginning to feel more comfortable.  We know this won’t be our forever space. We’ve already had to purchase two storage containers to make more room for our raw materials.

The key to growth is adaptability, and we will continue to be open to the changes that this journey with Mountain Madness.

A special THANK YOU to Lake Coeur d'Alene Movers for making everything about our moving day as easy as possible!