Loud & Proud Candle
Loud & Proud Candle

Loud & Proud Candle

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Say it LOUD! Rainbows and glitter are fun, but Pride is also about unity, equality, and celebration. Turn up the love and show support with our ‘Loud & Proud’ candle. It's fun and fresh and fills your home with beautiful fruity aromas. 

The Pride Collection may be for a limited time, but our commitment to Pride is never-ending.

100% of the proceeds are donated to our local PRIDE Chapter, North Idaho Pride Alliance, who provides networking, education, and advocacy for parents, friends and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

    Trim wick to 1/4" and light in a draft free, safe location. Burn each session for approximately 4 hours before extinguishing. Trim wick before each burn to prevent smoking. Never leave unattended.

    10 oz. (approx. 45 hrs. of burn time) candle is in a recycled glass jar, a wild seed paper dust cover (plant for wildflowers) with a label.

    Lead-free cotton wick, American soy beans + coconut wax and plant-based fragrance oil.

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