Oh, My Sore Muscles Bath Bomb
Oh, My Sore Muscles Bath Bomb

Oh, My Sore Muscles Bath Bomb

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Run too fast? Push too hard? Over do it again? The ‘oh my sore muscles’ bath bomb is a top seller for a good reason: everyone who uses it, wants more. Are you a hard-core athlete who pushes too far? Maybe you’re a passionate gardener who can’t stop digging in the dirt. Perhaps you are simply an introspective walker who wanders far when they're lost in a juicy pod cast or an addictive audio book. No matter what makes your muscles ache, this bomb is ready to soothe.

Among many benefits, tea tree and eucalyptus are both well known to help reduce inflammation. When you slip into a warm bath steeped with these soothing oils, you will feel the relaxing and healing benefits. So, when your body gets tired and your muscles ache, reach for this gem – it’s a rock-solid remedy for all your muscle discomfort.

Run a warm bath, drop a bath bomb in the water (or break into pieces and just use a piece). Enjoy the soothing butters, salts and fragrance as you relax. Some bath bombs may make the tub a bit slippery. Please use caution when getting in and out of the tub.

7.2 oz. bomb wrapped in a rice-based compostable bag with a twisty tie and a label.

Sodium bicarbonate, soluble dextrose, citric acid, Epsom salt, cocoa butter, olive oil, essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree and water-based colorant.

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