Honey, I&
Honey, I&
Honey, I&
Honey, I&
Honey, I&

Honey, I'm Taking A Bath Bubble Bar

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Beautiful bubbles filled with the sweet scent of honey - they make a bath full of cozy that will melt you.

Break a piece off of your bubble bar. Crumble under warm running water. Relax and enjoy your moisturizing bubbles.

7oz. bubble bar wrapped in a rice-based compostable bag with a twisty tie and a label.

Sodium bicarbonate, SLSa (a natural foaming agent), cream of tartar, cornstarch, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, plant-based fragrance oil, polysorbate 80 and water-based colorant.

Customer Reviews

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My mom loves her bubble bar, she enjoys a nice bubble bath.


What a great product! The bubbles are strong and a small chunk of the bubble bar goes a long way! The scent is not overpowering and it does not stain the tub which is the best. Such a cute bubble bar. It would make a great gift as well.

Blair Scott
Smells Incredible!!!

I love Mountain Madness bubble bars! This is such a comforting scent. It smells like honey I wash the kids from Lush but even better!!

The best bath product ever!

I received this as a gift and had never heard of a bubble bar before. I have a very large bath and started with only about a tablespoon size amount and it filled the whole bath with sweet smelling bubbles. This is my new favorite bath product, it smells so, so good (seriously, I wanted to eat it!). It has a light, milky, sweet honey scent and makes your skin very soft and smooth afterward as well as smell nice. It also gives the bath water a slightly silky, creamy feel which feels so luxurious, like soaking in creamy marshmallow bubbles.
Absolutely love, especially because you don't have to use much of it so it'll last a long time.

Bubble mountain

Smells lovely, and produces masses of creamy bubbles

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