Tree Hugger Shampoo Bar
Tree Hugger Shampoo Bar
Tree Hugger Shampoo Bar

Tree Hugger Shampoo Bar

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One whiff and you'll be pining away for all things Tree Hugger. This scent is a woodsy blend of several PNW dwelling trees, the primary notes being pine and spruce. As you lather up those lovely locks, you can dream about your last walk in the woods - or dream up a new adventure. No matter where you wander, the grounding scent of tree hugger will comfort you.  

Ditch the plastic shampoo bottles! These bars are moisturizing, have huge lather and make your hair shiny and clean.  Our shampoo bars last approximately 80 shampoos.

Lather in hands or rub bar directly on wet hair. Scrub away removing dirt and oil. Allowing the bar to dry between uses is a must!

2.5 oz. bar wrapped in a rice based bag with a label.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate noodles (naturally derived from coconuts), cocoa butter, cetearyl alcohol, B5, emulsifier, oat oil, aloe vera powder, plant-based fragrance oil, essential oils of cedarwood and spruce, dried pine and natural colorant.

Customer Reviews

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Love love love the shampoo bars!

I always come back to the tree hugger scent, it smells like Idaho. It’s refreshing, my hair does so well with these bars. I’m always switching up the scents & am never disappointed.


Love the scent and only requires a couple swipes thru my hair and tons of lather. I've given store bought shampoo the boot!


I do NOT like this scent. It is straight christmas tree which is fine, just thought it was going to be more earthy/cedar than pine/spruce. I still love how this bar suds up, the scent isn't overpowering was just hoping for more fern/dirt smell

Love this product!

Wanted to try this shampoo bar because I wanted to start using a more natural shampoo product. Even though it’s in a bar form, it lathers up nicely in my hands first making it easy to distribute throughout my hair. I love the smell of the Tree Hugger body cream so this was an easy choice, such a clean and refreshing scent! My hair feels clean and fresh. I follow up with the silk bar conditioner which makes my hair soft and silky but still a full body feel to my hair. Highly recommend this product!

Good shampoo!

I love mountain madness shampoo bars! They clean well and smell awesome! My shampoo arrived partially crumbled and broken but that makes sense since they’re crumbly until they get wet. Once I got it wet I “glued” it back together. The smell is very potent, but refreshing. It does have a bright green dye but the lather is still white and it washes off just fine and has no bad effects.

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