1920's Barber Shop Shaving Soap

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Our Barber Shop soap has a traditional after shave scent with a clean, sharp finish. The fragrance has a combination of sweet and strong notes with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest.

Our shaving soaps contain all of our natural moisturizers with the addition of clay which creates a natural, protective barrier between your skin and the razor.

Add a small amount of water to shaving mug with shaving soap. Whisk in an up and down motion until a creamy, well lathering foam is achieved. It takes about a minute of whisking. Apply to skin and shave. Rinse well. Dump excess water out of the cup when finished. Rinse your brush and allow to dry thoroughly upside down (bristles down) so water doesn't not pool on the knot.

5 ounces, are 2.75" in diameter wrapped in a printed or stamped kraft paper bag

Saponified sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, plant-based fragrance oil, bentonite clay, titanium dioxide and mica.

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