Carrot Facial Complexion Bar
Carrot Facial Complexion Bar

Carrot Facial Complexion Bar

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We think 100% pure and natural soap is what works best to keep your skin clean and pores clear. Facial bar soap is what we do! 

We made the carrot facial complexion bar for normal to combination skin. It's full of beneficial carrot juice and carrot seed oil that moisturizes, calms, and provides natural sun protection.

Gently wet your face and hands, lather up your bar, gentle wash your face and rinse well.

4 oz. bar of soap in a kraft box with a paper label

Saponified apricot kernel oil, carrot juice, cocoa butter, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter and carrot seed oil.

Customer Reviews

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Sensitive skin

This bar is great for dry, combination, sensitive skin. My skin turns red with irritants but this bar was gentle on my skin.

Great for sensitive combination skin

I tend to be very finicky with facial soaps, as my skin is very sensitive. This soap really helped even out my skin in terms of oiliness and dryness. The scent is not pungent at all, and the fact that it contains no added perfumes is a massive plus for me. It didn't cause any irritation or redness at all, and my skin feels really soft.

Amazing facial bar!

This facial bar is amazing! I used to have a problem with acne and the brands I was using were too harsh on my skin. Then I tried Mountatin Madness's facial bar and it's helped so much! It has helped so I have fewer issues with acne and my face feels so clean after using it. I also love that is plastic free and it lasts a long time. Such a great product!

Say goodbye to combination skin!

I started using this soap about 3 weeks ago and I have already noticed my skin is in better condition. I have been searching for a soap to even out my combination skin and this has done it!

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