Goddess Shampoo Bar

Goddess Shampoo Bar

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Without a doubt, the Goddess collection is a flagship line at Mountain Madness. A long time customer favorite, every product we offer in the Goddess scent will seduce you with its warm and welcoming hug of aromas.

The Goddess shampoo bar is packed with soothing scents of vanilla, amber, and chocolate. It's an intoxicating ambrosia for your nose and a magnificent wash for lovely locks. Embrace and honor the goddess within you.

Ditch the plastic shampoo bottles! These bars are moisturizing, have huge lather and make your hair shiny and clean.  Our shampoo bar last approximately 80 shampoos.

Lather in hands or rub bar directly on wet hair. Scrub away removing dirt and oil. Allowing the bar to dry between uses is a must!

2.5 oz. bar wrapped in a rice based bag with a label.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate noodles (naturally derived from coconuts), cocoa butter, cetearyl alcohol, B5, emulsifier, oat oil, plant-based fragrance oil, natural colorant and a dried flower*.

*as with any handmade product, dried flower or greenery on top will vary.

Due to the vanilla content in this product, browning may occur and will not affect the product.

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