Goddess Sugar Scrub Cubes
Goddess Sugar Scrub Cubes

Goddess Sugar Scrub Cubes

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Without a doubt, the Goddess collection is a flagship line at Mountain Madness. A longtime customer favorite, every product we offer in the Goddess scent will seduce you with its warm and welcoming hug of aromas. The Goddess Sugar Scrub Cubes allow you to gently scrub up while blissing out on the soothing smells of vanilla, amber, and chocolate.

Embrace and honor the goddess within all of us.

1) Remove one cube from the container.

2) Set aside in your shower, wash your hair, shave, etc. The sugar scrub cube will soften as it sets.

3) Pick up the cube, squish in your hand and scrub away.

8 oz./11 cubes per container. Packaged in a compostable kraft container with a label.

Sugar, Saponified green olive oil, sustainable palm oil, coconut oil and plant-based fragrance oil.

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