Soap Stack Sampler
Soap Stack Sampler
Soap Stack Sampler

Soap Stack Sampler

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Our soap stack samplers are a perfect choice when you just can't make up your mind. Each sampler is built with five different soap ends and tied with a jute string. No two stacks are alike.

Wet, lather, rinse, repeat.

5 (five) generous pieces of soap wrapped in twine with a tag listing the soap types.

Saponified sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Plant-based or essential oils for scent, mica, additives or eco-friendly glitter depending on what you get.

Customer Reviews

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Blair Scott

This is such a fun way to try different scents out. I love that each stack is different and you don't know what you're going to get. Super fun surprise!

Best Soap!

One of my best friends has lived in Idaho for a few years, maybe 3 years ago I came to visit. We went to a museum, and there was a stand of mountain madness soaps. I have very sensitive skin, and I was in my era of trying to find soaps that wouldn’t make me itchy. The soap smelled great, and has never made me itch once. I try to buy in bulk when I get the chance to because I do not shop anywhere else. Every product I’ve tried has left me feeling refreshed and clean. I’ve had my significant other, and friends and family all try this soap and they all love it. Goddess was the first scent I tried, and it’s been a staple in my house ever since. I love seeing this company grow, and the customer service is always 10/10. Hopefully one day I can visit the store front!


This was a big stack of soap! I loved all the scents I got sent and my whole family of muddy trolls picked out their own soaps haha. Used the clementine soap for myself and love the smell! Great for guest bathrooms or for a variety pack of soap. The bars are pretty generous for samples!

Super soap sampler!

I was thinking of giving away the first ever soap sampler I bought during a holiday gift shopping spree. But decided to keep it and oh boy, really enjoying the variety! Will probably buy samplers as gifts next time, sorry, friends! Had to try it out first. Haha.

We love these!

These are the best! They have been out of stock the past few times we have come in and it is such a bummer because we love them so much! They are our favorite! They are the best combination and size for hands and body. We use lots of products from Mountain Madness and this is always on our list.

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