Huckleberry Bubble Bar
Huckleberry Bubble Bar
Huckleberry Bubble Bar

Huckleberry Bubble Bar

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Huckleberries are North Idaho's favorite fruit. They grow at high altitudes and resemble a blueberry, although a bit smaller. Tiny but mighty, there's no denying the sweet berry explosion you get with every bite. All that juicy goodness and delightful scent is captured in your soon to be favorite bubble bar. 

Break a piece off of your bubble bar. Crumble under warm running water. Relax and enjoy your moisturizing bubbles.

6 oz. bubble bar wrapped in a rice-based compostable bag with a twisty tie and a label.

Sodium bicarbonate, SLSa (a natural foaming agent), cream of tartar, cornstarch, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, plant-based fragrance oil, polysorbate 80, water-based colorant and mica

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