Lavender Natural Deodorant

Lavender Natural Deodorant

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A floral and herbal bouquet with a slight medicinal aroma.

Our natural deodorant is made for us by a local company, OhMyGaia.  We do offer most of the scents that they make as well as offer some exclusive scents made only for us.  Our deodorants use only natural, organic ingredients. Essential oils and/or fragrance oils have been added so you can find the perfect scent that's right for you.


Antiperspirants containing aluminum work to completely stop perspiration from occurring. Our deodorants DO NOT contain aluminum and allow perspiration. They work to kill the bacteria that causes odor when we perspire. From a purely natural standpoint, it makes more sense for us to use deodorants, as it is clearly a more natural process to allow our bodies to sweat. Of course none of us wants to emit an unpleasant, offensive odor, but aluminum-free underarm deodorants do work to keep us feeling clean and fresh. Most commercial brands of deodorant contain a variety of harsh chemicals that are potentially detrimental to our health - only one of them is aluminum.

Remove a pea-sized amount from your jar with either a wooden applicator or your finger. Divide in half and rub thoroughly into your armpits. Deodorant will go from a cream to a powder. Reapply when necessary.

2 oz. glass jar with a label

Organic Thai arrowroot powder, coconut oil, organic African shea butter, sodium bicarbonate and essential oil of lavender.

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