Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I&
Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I&
Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I&
Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I&
Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I&

Natural Laundry Soap- Honey, I'll Do The Laundry

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Your laundry will smell like fresh honeycomb pulled from the hive and blended with vanilla and toffee. No wonder it's our most popular laundry soap. 

This handmade laundry soap is concentrated and effective. It only takes one Tablespoon per load and it's safe for HE washers.

Place one Tablespoon of laundry soap in the basin of your washing machine. Safe for HE washers. Yields approximately 30 loads.

1 (one) 20 oz. kraft bag with a label.

Handmade coconut soap, borax, washing soda and a plant based fragrance oil.

Customer Reviews

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amanda morgan
My Favorite!!

I love the smell of this laundry. I put it at the bottom of the washer vs on my clothes and it dissolves and cleans well!

Deseray T.
Smells so good

I use to make my own laundry soap but couldn’t get the nice smell you normally get with laundry detergent. I switched to this because all my clothes smell so good! With none of the nasty stuff! We’re a family of 7 and one pack will still last us an entire month. Even got my sister to switch!

Smells amazing!

Smells amazing and it’s nice knowing there’s good stuff washing our clothes.

Thie Chapin
Soap like no other

I have allergies that are hard to avoid in almost everything, which is why I turned to looking into locally made options. It’s been years now, and I’ve kept coming back for this soap because it cleans my clothes so thoroughly and smells so, SO good.
That’s pretty much the story, but I feel like I have to keep going to drive home just how great this detergent is. When I lived out of state, I kept ordering it; I’m all the more grateful to live here in town again so I can drop in and pick it up whenever. I give it as gifts for bridal and baby showers. I buy it for family. I love it.
Try this detergent!!!!

Sherri weber
smells heavenly

Cleans my clothes and makes them smell so good.

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