Patchouli Ginger Dry Shampoo
Patchouli Ginger Dry Shampoo

Patchouli Ginger Dry Shampoo

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A beautiful blend of earthy patchouli and warm ginger make this amazing scent you'll want to try. 

Part your hair into small sections, focus on the oiliest areas, sprinkle directly at the roots. Massage into your scalp with your fingertips, let sit for a few minutes and brush or blow dry excess out. Style as usual.

3.6 oz. paperboard tube with shaker cap and label.

*There has been a challenge keeping the paperboard in stock. You will receive either a completely paperboard shaker, or paperboard with an aluminum base and a reusable plastic shaker top.

Arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, cocoa powder, and plant-based fragrance oil.

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