Porcelain Aroma Diffuser - Rose

Porcelain Aroma Diffuser - Rose

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A petite porcelain rose atop a natural wood lid.

Porcelain Essential Oil Diffusers can be filled with 100% pure essential oils, or with water and oil to diffuse fragrance that last 2 weeks or more. A porcelain botanical rests on a ceramic base to bring a natural beauty to your space as you enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of 100% pure essential oils.

    1) Carefully remove porcelain top.

    2) Fill glazed dish with your favorite essential oil(s).

    3) Set top back on the glazed dish and ensure wick end is placed in oil.

    4) Refill when necessary.

    Diffuser comes packaged in box with instructions for use and includes a 15ml bottle of essential oil of peppermint.

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