Save The Queen Lotion Bar
Save The Queen Lotion Bar
Save The Queen Lotion Bar

Save The Queen Lotion Bar

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This beautiful bar is full of soothing oils and healing flower petals. The honey and mango aromas mingle in your mind like a sugar filled dream while the dense blend of oils give you deeply smooth skin. 

10% of the sales of this bar go to The Bee Conservancy which educates people around the globe about what they can do to help save the honeybees.

* Always keep lotion bars out of the direct heat and sunlight. They are made to melt at body temperature.** IF YOU ORDER THIS ITEM IN THE SUMMER YOU ARE TAKING THE RISK THAT THE LOTION BAR MAY ARRIVE PARTIALLY MELTED.

Pick up lotion bar and rub on feet, elbows, knees, hands or any other dry area. Place your lotion bar back in the container to store it.

2.5 oz. (palm sized, 3" in diameter) in a aluminum container with a label.

Olive oil, local beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula extract, calendula petals, plant-based fragrance oil and vitamin E.

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