The Glacial Facial- Unscented
The Glacial Facial- Unscented
The Glacial Facial- Unscented

The Glacial Facial- Unscented

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Our Alaska Glacial mask is made with the most mineral-rich and pure glacial clay in the world. It is sustainably hand-carved glacial clay from the remote waters of the Copper River Delta in Alaska. The mineral rich clay is then boosted with potent certified organic and wildcraft botanical extracts chosen for their moisturizing, skin-softening, anti-aging and immunoprotective properties. 

10% of all sales are donated to conservancy of the Copper River Watershed in Alaska.

Apply an even layer with facial brush or fingers to cleansed, dry skin. Allow 15 minutes to dry. Rinse using warm water with soft towel or a facial sponge at sink or in shower.

For all skin types. Use 1x week for normal-dry skin and up to 4x week for oily skin. CAUTION: We recommend patch testing. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, discontinue use, for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

20ml/ .7oz in an aluminum tube with a lid

Our glacial mineral mud mask detoxifies, exfoliates and softens skin while more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements.

Alluvial mud (alaska glacier mineral) – exfoliating and detoxifying natural clay/silt deposit with more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe

Functional ingredients including sodium hyaluronate , niacinamide , adenosine that promote anti-aging, help skin hold moisture and form collagen resulting in radiant skin.

Potent arctic botanicals including vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry) fruit extract , lingonberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea) seed oil and lupine (lupinus albus) seed oil that counteract free radicals, moisturize, soothe and brighten.

Man-tested and woman- tested and allergy-free. Does not cause irritation.

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